'Great partners': Pentagon rejects Russian evidence of Turkey aiding ISIS

Pentagon Official Rejects Russian evidence
Pentagon Official col. Steve Warren Rejects Russian evidence
A Pentagon representative rejected Russia's proof of Turkey's association in oil manages Islamic State militants, calling Turkey an "awesome accomplice" only a day after his supervisor grumbled to Congress that Ankara was not battling ISIS enough.

"Give me a chance to be clear that we straight reject any thought that the Turks are some way or another working with ISIL," said Colonel Steve Warren, representative for the US-drove coalition battling against Islamic State (IS, once ISIS/ISIL). "That is absurd and sort of ludicrous. We completely, straight reject that idea."

Warren was reacting to addresses about the confirmation displayed by the Russian Defense Ministry on Wednesday, including satellite photographs and maps guiding the finger at Turkey – and President Recep Erdogan by and by – for helping the militants in smuggling oil.

'Great partners': Pentagon rejects Russian evidence of Turkey aiding ISIS

"The Turks have been awesome accomplice to us in the battle against ISIL. They are facilitating our air ship, they are directing strikes, they are supporting the moderate Syrian resistance," Warren told correspondents amid a week by week Pentagon instructions from Operation Inherent Resolve home office in Baghdad. "They've been great accomplices here. Any believed that the Turks, that the Turkish government is some way or another working with ISIL is simply over the top and totally untrue."

Satellite Images of oil containers crossing syria turkey border
Satellite Images of oil containers crossing Syria-Turkey border
Just yesterday, on the other hand, US Defense Secretary Ash Carter was telling the House Armed Services Committee that the majority of Turkey's military operations were coordinated against the Kurds, as opposed to the self-announced Islamic State.

"The vast majority of their air operations are not coordinated at ISIL," Carter told officials. "They are coordinated at the PKK, which we comprehend their worry about — it's a terrorist association inside of their fringes — yet we might want to see them accomplish more against ISIL."

The State Department in like manner released the Russian proof as "untrue," however representative Mark Toner conceded that he had not seen the photos and just found out about them used. Toner resounded Warren's comments, saying the smuggling operation something that is "decades old." He wandered that IS does not benefit from the unlawful exchange straightforwardly, but rather just through blackmailing toll expenses from the dealers.

Warren had beforehand said the oil smuggling "does a reversal decades," and that the US was having so as to attempt to stop it Turkey fix its outskirt controls.

Satellite Images of oil containers crossing Syria-Turkey border
Satellite Images of oil containers crossing Syria-Turkey border
While the US has recognized that oil smuggling is a noteworthy wellspring of income for the IS, the US-drove coalition had not bombarded any of the tankers until mid-November, after a declaration from Moscow that Russian planes would start striking the convoysdescribed as a "living pipeline."

The straightforward dismissal of Russia's proof by State Department and Pentagon representatives conflicted with Secretary Carter's comments, as well as with an evaluation made a year ago by US Vice-President Joe Biden. Pentagon Rejected Russian evidence of turkey aiding isis with so much ease.

In a discourse at Harvard University last October, Biden proposed that US partners in the Middle East were so excited to topple the Syrian government that they were pouring "countless dollars and a huge number of huge amounts of weapons" into supporting restriction warriors – including jihadists like Al-Qaeda and what might get to be IS. Pentagon rejects Russian evidence of turkey aiding ISIS and this makes things worse. This make Kremlin believe that the US is involved in this too.

 Biden particularly specified Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. After the shocked Erdogan requested a conciliatory sentiment, Biden said he was sad for any ramifications that Turkey may have helped "ISIL or other savage radicals in Syria," as indicated by the White House.

On Wednesday, the Russian Defense Ministry displayed photographic confirmation indicating many oil tanker trucks moving to and from Turkey through IS-controlled region. A noteworthy wellspring of the militants' income, oil is pirated out of Syria and Iraq along three noteworthy courses – one on the Turkish coast and two in southeastern Turkey, at Batman and Cizre – as indicated by Lieutenant General Sergey Rudskoy.

Furthermore, up to 2,000 contenders, 120 tons of ammo, and 250 vehicles have been conveyed to Islamic State and Al-Nusra militants from Turkish region throughout the most recent week alone, said Lieutenant General Mikhail Mizintsev.

"As indicated by solid knowledge reports, the Turkish side has been taking such activities for quite a while and all the time. Furthermore, above all, it is not wanting to stop them," Mizintsev said.



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