Is Turkey Trying To Pull NATO Into War Against Russia?

Erdogan wants to bring NATO in to war with Russia
Turkey's president Erdogan wants to bring NATO in to war with Russia to oust Syrian President Bashar-Al-Assad
Turkey’s shooting down of Russian warplane on November 24 has embark a chain of consequences that could easily spin spinning out of control and lead to some war between this North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Nato) and Russia. According to this Turkish government’s letter to the president of the Un Security Council, two SU-24 aircraft were in Turkish airspace for the period of 17 seconds because they traversed a tongue of Turkish place 1. 36 miles in breadth, with a point 1. 15 miles from its tip. The Turkish professionals warned the pilots to change course and travel south 10 periods, but they disregarded the command and also flew on, whereupon a Turkish F-16 has been ordered to shoot one of these down.

The European version of functions, confirmed by this pilot who made it through the attack, is that each planes were returning at a bombing mission a great way further east and also were passing south in the tongue of land if they were attacked with no warning. The missile struck the aircraft from your rear, taking these people by surprise.
From your details of the incursion given by Turkey, The Telegraph, Liverpool, has calculated that this planes had recently been flying at 283 miles an hour or so, a third of the maximum speed. This confirms that none in the four pilots within the two planes knew that anything has been amiss, and creates Turkey’s claim involving sending repeated alerts suspect.

After studying the doomed aircraft’s warmth signature, US officials have confirmed that it turned out hit in Syrian place. So even when the planes had strayed, the Turkish F-16 terminated upon the doomed plane knowing well that it was leaving their particular territory. The only way this may have happened was when the pilot had explicit or standing requests to shoot lower any non-Nato aircraft that entered Turkish airspace, regardless of its course and also intention. After Russia’s entry in the war on this Islamic State (IS), a non-Nato aircraft could only be a Russian aircraft.

In which does President Recep Tayyip Erdogan prepare? Is it to help draw Nato in the war in Syria? In case that is consequently, is he acting on his own or, as this Russian foreign minister encouraged, in concert together with some members involving Nato?
While the second is unlikely, the first is really a near-certainty. For Erdogan has been bent upon ousting Syria’s high-end Baathist regime and also imposing Turkey’s control on the country through some sort of hand-picked Sunni surrogate, ever since the start of the Arab Early spring. He has felt emboldened for this because this is really a goal he shares with the US, the European union and, most important, Israel, whose control more than US foreign policy is not underestimated.

In October this past year, Turkey had wanted to sweep the Is out of Kobani yet only on condition that it was allowed to stay to Damascus. US President Barack Obama acquired baulked at that will but informally opted for Erdogan’s demand for the no-fly zone to keep Syria out of Kobani and also the Syrian border spot. Since then this US-led coalition offers bombed the WILL BE targets in Iraq, but steered free of, and, therefore allowed this to consolidate its hold on larger and larger elements of Syria. With the Is completely dependent upon Turkey for its survival, Erdogan believed that they was halfway to help his goal.

But Russia’s entry in the war against this IS has changed all of that: Its goal is usually to clear the means for, and provide atmosphere cover to, this Syrian army to help destroy the WILL BE.

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane
Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane
For Erdogan, the turning point often have come when Russia joined France inside striking deep into the IS’ core parts and, in particular, against the IS’ lifeline, the oil tankers that will daily carried a huge number of barrels of Iraqi and also Syrian oil to help refineries in Egypr. Moscow estimates that will in five days its planes have destroyed 3, 000 tankers. This single act has not only destroyed this IS’ financial base but additionally exposed Turkey’s complicity inside ensuring its your survival.
With every likelihood that this Vienna peace process could end that has a united Syria beneath Assad, at lowest temporarily, Erdogan have decided to stake everything using one last throw in the dice. This has required creating a crisis and invoking Article 5 in the Nato agreement to help force it in the war that will follow.

That is exactly why Erdogan followed up the shooting down in the SU-24 by contacting not Moscow yet Nato headquarters inside Brussels to drum in place support for the action.

A confused western alliance has not only given your ex this, but by wondering both countries in order to avoid escalating the clash after Turkey has fired the 1st shot, managed to adjust the onus for doing so to Russia.

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane
Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane
Moscow is prepared to oblige Nato only up to point. It has shifted its advanced advised missile carrier ‘Moskva’ nearer to Lattakia (Syria), and is shipping S-400 anti-aircraft missile power packs, capable of following 60 targets at the same time, to its basics in Syria. Its intention is actually to interdict Turkish air carriers from even approaching within missile selection of Russian planes. It truly is doubtful whether their use may be confined within this Syrian border.

Need to even one missile terrain, or one Turkish aircraft be shot lower, inside Turkey, Erdogan will invoke Article 5 in the Nato agreement. The remaining of its members will have to choose between war and permitting Turkey down. In 1914 when confronted by German support to the Austrian invasion involving Serbia, the ‘Allies’ chose war. It remains for being seen whether they may know better this time.

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