Fallout 4 hits PS4 and Xbox One as special Sony console content is revealed

Fallout 4 Roll out for PS4
Fallout 4 Roll out for PS4
UPDATE ONE: Users on Xbox One, PS4 and PC have started seeing the rollout of the Fallout 4 preloading from Bethesda, days before the game is set to be released on November 10.
It was first seen on PC, with Steam users seeing a download size of around 23.8GB.
The Fallout 4 bundle, meanwhile, is listed at 28.2GB on PS4, which also started to see the rollout over the weekend.
Bethesda have also been helping fans prepare for the Tuesday launch by offering a comical sick note.
Signing you off from work is studio VP Pete Hines, who told fans on Twitter: "I figure some of you might need a note from your doctor for your upcoming "sick day(s)" this week. So here you go."
Hines also thanked those fans who have helped Bethesda try and control the stream of leaked gameplay videos and pictures that started surfacing last week.
"Thanks for helping us track down streams and videos," he added.
"All of us here continue to do our best to get them pulled asap. Appreciate the assist."
Fallout 4 is released on November 10 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC
The studio confirmed earlier this week that the game would have pre-loading offered to fans who had digitally bought the game.
Pre-loading aims to download the game ahead of its release date, meaning fans can be ready to play the game when it is unlocked.
A message from the studio confirmed: “Preloading is underway on Steam and Xbox One. PS4 preloading coming this weekend. #PleaseStandBy”
Bethesda have slightly different times for the game to be released in different areas of the world.
Digitally the game will become available on November 10, 2015, at 12:01 am (local time) in all territories (In North America, the unlock time will be 12:01 am EST), except Asia (available at 12 am on Wednesday, November 11th) and Japan (available at 12 am on Thursday, December 17th).
Fans on the PS4 and PC can also look forward to special Fallout 4-themed content for one of the console’s popular online games.
Fallout 4 Roll out for PS4 And PC
Fallout 4 Roll out for PS4 And PC
Rocket League developers have revealed they will be offering some Pip-Boy items in their latest update for the game
A special Vault Boy antenna will be part of an upcoming Rocket League update by Harmonix and follows a recent news release from Microsoft that confirmed that a couple of post-apocalyptic vehicles will be added to Forza 6 Motorsport.
A statement from Turn 10 Studios explains: “Forza Motorsport 6 players will receive an exclusive Fallout 4-themed version of the 1956 Ford F100 in the game. 
“With an iconic Vault Boy theme, this Fallout 4 version of the F100 will be sent to Forza 6 players today in celebration of the upcoming Nov. 10 launch of Fallout 4 on Xbox One.
“Also coming soon, for a limited time, all players of Fallout 4 on Xbox One will receive the super sleek Chryslus Rocket 69 coupe – the future of speed!”
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