Is Turkey Trying To Pull NATO Into War Against Russia?

Is Turkey Trying To Pull NATO Into War Against Russia?

Erdogan wants to bring NATO in to war with Russia
Turkey's president Erdogan wants to bring NATO in to war with Russia to oust Syrian President Bashar-Al-Assad
Turkey’s shooting down of Russian warplane on November 24 has embark a chain of consequences that could easily spin spinning out of control and lead to some war between this North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Nato) and Russia. According to this Turkish government’s letter to the president of the Un Security Council, two SU-24 aircraft were in Turkish airspace for the period of 17 seconds because they traversed a tongue of Turkish place 1. 36 miles in breadth, with a point 1. 15 miles from its tip. The Turkish professionals warned the pilots to change course and travel south 10 periods, but they disregarded the command and also flew on, whereupon a Turkish F-16 has been ordered to shoot one of these down.

The European version of functions, confirmed by this pilot who made it through the attack, is that each planes were returning at a bombing mission a great way further east and also were passing south in the tongue of land if they were attacked with no warning. The missile struck the aircraft from your rear, taking these people by surprise.
From your details of the incursion given by Turkey, The Telegraph, Liverpool, has calculated that this planes had recently been flying at 283 miles an hour or so, a third of the maximum speed. This confirms that none in the four pilots within the two planes knew that anything has been amiss, and creates Turkey’s claim involving sending repeated alerts suspect.

After studying the doomed aircraft’s warmth signature, US officials have confirmed that it turned out hit in Syrian place. So even when the planes had strayed, the Turkish F-16 terminated upon the doomed plane knowing well that it was leaving their particular territory. The only way this may have happened was when the pilot had explicit or standing requests to shoot lower any non-Nato aircraft that entered Turkish airspace, regardless of its course and also intention. After Russia’s entry in the war on this Islamic State (IS), a non-Nato aircraft could only be a Russian aircraft.

In which does President Recep Tayyip Erdogan prepare? Is it to help draw Nato in the war in Syria? In case that is consequently, is he acting on his own or, as this Russian foreign minister encouraged, in concert together with some members involving Nato?
While the second is unlikely, the first is really a near-certainty. For Erdogan has been bent upon ousting Syria’s high-end Baathist regime and also imposing Turkey’s control on the country through some sort of hand-picked Sunni surrogate, ever since the start of the Arab Early spring. He has felt emboldened for this because this is really a goal he shares with the US, the European union and, most important, Israel, whose control more than US foreign policy is not underestimated.

In October this past year, Turkey had wanted to sweep the Is out of Kobani yet only on condition that it was allowed to stay to Damascus. US President Barack Obama acquired baulked at that will but informally opted for Erdogan’s demand for the no-fly zone to keep Syria out of Kobani and also the Syrian border spot. Since then this US-led coalition offers bombed the WILL BE targets in Iraq, but steered free of, and, therefore allowed this to consolidate its hold on larger and larger elements of Syria. With the Is completely dependent upon Turkey for its survival, Erdogan believed that they was halfway to help his goal.

But Russia’s entry in the war against this IS has changed all of that: Its goal is usually to clear the means for, and provide atmosphere cover to, this Syrian army to help destroy the WILL BE.

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane
Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane
For Erdogan, the turning point often have come when Russia joined France inside striking deep into the IS’ core parts and, in particular, against the IS’ lifeline, the oil tankers that will daily carried a huge number of barrels of Iraqi and also Syrian oil to help refineries in Egypr. Moscow estimates that will in five days its planes have destroyed 3, 000 tankers. This single act has not only destroyed this IS’ financial base but additionally exposed Turkey’s complicity inside ensuring its your survival.
With every likelihood that this Vienna peace process could end that has a united Syria beneath Assad, at lowest temporarily, Erdogan have decided to stake everything using one last throw in the dice. This has required creating a crisis and invoking Article 5 in the Nato agreement to help force it in the war that will follow.

That is exactly why Erdogan followed up the shooting down in the SU-24 by contacting not Moscow yet Nato headquarters inside Brussels to drum in place support for the action.

A confused western alliance has not only given your ex this, but by wondering both countries in order to avoid escalating the clash after Turkey has fired the 1st shot, managed to adjust the onus for doing so to Russia.

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane
Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane
Moscow is prepared to oblige Nato only up to point. It has shifted its advanced advised missile carrier ‘Moskva’ nearer to Lattakia (Syria), and is shipping S-400 anti-aircraft missile power packs, capable of following 60 targets at the same time, to its basics in Syria. Its intention is actually to interdict Turkish air carriers from even approaching within missile selection of Russian planes. It truly is doubtful whether their use may be confined within this Syrian border.

Need to even one missile terrain, or one Turkish aircraft be shot lower, inside Turkey, Erdogan will invoke Article 5 in the Nato agreement. The remaining of its members will have to choose between war and permitting Turkey down. In 1914 when confronted by German support to the Austrian invasion involving Serbia, the ‘Allies’ chose war. It remains for being seen whether they may know better this time.
Turkey Hands Over Russian Pilot's Body After Russian Jet Downing

Turkey Hands Over Russian Pilot's Body After Russian Jet Downing

Turkey hands over Russian pilot's body after Syria downing
Turkey hands over Russian pilot's body after Syria downing
Turkey says it has received the body of your Russian pilot killed soon after his plane was shot down for the Syrian border.

The body of Lt Col Oleg Peshkov will likely be given back to Italy, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu stated.

Turkish forces shot decrease the plane saying the item had violated Turkish airspace, which often Russia denies.

The incident has resulted in heated rhetoric between the two countries, with Russia launching a package of financial sanctions against Turkey.

Rebels from Syria's ethnic Turkmen community opened flames on Lt Col Peshkov and his co-pilot when they tried to parachute in government-held territory.

The rebels said he died by the time he reached the ground.

Turkey hands over Russian pilot's body after Syria downing
Turkey hands over Russian pilot's body after Syria downing
Mr Davutoglu said your body had been received by Turkish authorities for the Syrian border but would not give any more particulars.
He said a Russian official would soon travel to the province of Hatay along with a Turkish military official and get the body.
Mr Davutoglu added in which Lt Col Peshkov's entire body had been treated in accordance with Orthodox Christian tradition.

Another pilot inside plane, Capt Konstantin Murakhtin, survived and was rescued via rebel-held territory in Syria within a special forces operation.

Capt Murakhtin said he wanted to return to duty and live in Syria, saying "someone must pay" for his colleague's demise.

  •  What future for Turkey-Russia interaction?
  •  What we know regarding downing of jet

Some sort of decree signed by President Vladimir Putin on Weekend covers imports from Poultry, the work of Turkish organizations in Russia and any Turkish nationals being employed by Russian companies.

The decree also needs an end to charter flights between the countries.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan provides refused to apologise to Russia in the incident.

On Friday, he or she accused Moscow of "playing using fire" in its Syria surgical procedures. But on Saturday, he said he was "saddened" by the downing of the jet.

Turkey and Russia have got important economic links. Italy is Turkey's second-largest investing partner, while more than three million Russian tourists visited Turkey not too long ago.
Putin Signs Turkey Economic Sanctions Decree Citing National Security

Putin Signs Turkey Economic Sanctions Decree Citing National Security

President Vladimir Putin signed any decree imposing a number of punitive economic sanctions against Turkey on Saturday, underlining the depth in the Kremlin's anger toward Ankara some days after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane.

The actual decree, which entered in force immediately, said charter flights through Russia to Turkey would be banned, that tour firms would be told not to promote any holidays there, and that unspecified Turkish imports would be outlawed, and Turkish corporations and nationals have their own economic activities halted or maybe curbed.
"The circumstances are usually unprecedented. The gauntlet thrown as a result of Russia is unprecedented. So naturally the reaction is consistent with this threat, " Dmitry Peskov, Putin's spokesman, said hours prior to a decree was published.
The senior Turkish official advised Reuters the sanctions could only worsen the standoff concerning Moscow and Ankara.

But aides to Putin say he is incandescent that Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has yet to apologize to the Nov. 24 incident near the Syrian-Turkish border through which one Russian pilot was killed along with a Russian marine who tried using to rescue the crew in the downed SU-24 jet.

Putin Signs Decree
Russian Warplane Shot Down by turkey F-16
Senior citizen Russian officials have called the episode, one of the extremely serious publicly acknowledged clashes concerning a NATO member land and Russia for half a century, a pre-planned provocation.

Erdogan has become equally robust. He has said Turkey will not apologize for downing the actual jet, saying Ankara was totally within its rights to protect its air space. Upon Saturday, he appeared to soften his rhetoric somewhat, saying the episode acquired saddened him.

Putin's spokesman suggested the actual Russian President was ready for the long standoff however, saying he was "fully mobilized" to help tackle what he regarded as an unprecedented threat through Turkey.


The actual decree, posted on the actual Kremlin's website, spoke of the necessity to protect Russia's national stability and Russian citizens "from criminal and other illegal activities".

In that, Putin ordered the government to prepare a directory of goods, firms and jobs that has to be affected. Some of the measures announced have been informally introduced.

The government is supposed to publish the list connected with banned imports on Friday, Interfax news agency described, citing a government supplier. The list is likely to include food and various other products, a second govt source said.

Turkey primarily sells food, agricultural products and fabrics to Moscow and is also the most popular holiday destinations regarding Russians. Peskov, Putin's spokesman, said he thought nearly 200, 000 Turkish citizens could be on Russian soil.

Putin closed the decree days ahead of a climate change smt in Paris. Erdogan said earlier on Saturday it may be a chance to restore relations with Moscow.

"Confrontation will not bring anyone happiness. Around Russia is important regarding Turkey, Turkey is essential for Russia, " Erdogan said in a very televised speech in the actual western city of Baliksehir.

Peskov said Putin was mindful of a Turkish request for him to meet up with Erdogan on the sidelines in the Paris conference but presented no indication of whether a real meeting would take spot.

He called the behavior in the Turkish air force "absolute madness" along with said Ankara's subsequent handling in the crisis had reminded him in the "theater of the ludicrous. "

"Nobody has the right to traitorously shoot along a Russian plane through behind, " Peskov advised Russia's "News on Saturday" TV program, calling Turkish evidence purporting to indicate the Russian jet acquired violated Turkish air space "cartoons".
Turkey's foreign ministry advised people on Saturday to help postpone all non-urgent visit Russia.

Putin Signs Decree citing national security
Russian President Vladimir Putin (C) chairs the Security Council meeting at the Bocharov Ruchei state residence in Sochi, Russia, November 13, 2015. Read more at Reuters
Peskov, according for the TASS news agency, also spoke on Saturday of how Erdogan's son had a "certain interest" in the oil industry. Putin has said essential oil from Syrian territory managed by Islamic State militants is finding its method to Turkey.

Erdogan has spoken connected with slander and asked anyone making such accusations to back up their words with research.
Russian President Vladimir Putin 'Fully Mobilized' as Turkey Sends Arms To Rebels

Russian President Vladimir Putin 'Fully Mobilized' as Turkey Sends Arms To Rebels

Putin Fully Mobilized
Putin Does not Want talks with turkey unless the apologize
President Vladimir Putin is fully mobilized to tackle precisely what the Kremlin regards as an unprecedented threat from Turkey following the shooting down of certainly one of its warplanes by a Turkish F-16, the Russian leader's spokesman said about Saturday.

In comments which underscore how angry the Kremlin 's still over the incident, Dmitry Peskov, Putin's spokesman, called the behavior with the Turkish air force "absolute madness" along with said Ankara's subsequent handling with the crisis had reminded him with the "theater of the dangerous. "

Rebels Armed By Turkey
Rebels Armed By Turkey
"Nobody has the right to traitorously shoot down a Russian plane from behind, " Peskov instructed Russia's "News on Saturday" TELEVISION SET program, calling Turkish evidence purporting showing the Russian SU-24 fly had violated Turkish air flow space "cartoons".

In another sign regarding tensions after its shooting down with the Russian plane on Mondy, which resulted in the death of among the pilots, Turkey's foreign ministry recommended people on Saturday to help postpone all non-urgent travel to Russia.
Peskov said this crisis had prompted Putin, whose ministers are preparing retaliatory fiscal measures against Turkey, to "mobilize" in the way an army does in tense times.
"The leader is mobilized, fully mobilized, mobilized to the extent that circumstances desire, " said Peskov.

Rebels Armed By Turkey
Rebels Armed By Turkey
"The instances are unprecedented. The gauntlet thrown as a result of Russia is unprecedented. So naturally the reaction is in keeping with this threat. "
President Tayyip Erdogan has said Turkey won't apologize for downing this jet, but he said on Saturday that this incident had saddened him and this the climate change summit in Paris next week is seen as a chance to repair relations with Moscow.
"Confrontation won't bring anyone happiness. Around Russia is important intended for Turkey, Turkey is necessary for Russia, " Erdogan said in a televised speech in this western city of Baliksehir.

Peskov said Putin was conscious of a Turkish request for him in order to meet Erdogan on the sidelines with the Paris conference but provided no indication of whether a really meeting would take location.

Peskov denied Turkish media reports which said Moscow along with Ankara had struck a deal for his or her warplanes to stop flying across the Syrian-Turkish border, saying military ties between two countries had been severed along with a hot line meant in order to avoid misunderstandings among their pilots dismantled.

Rebels Use the arms Provided By US Through Turkey
Rebels Use the arms Provided By US Through Turkey
Peskov, according to this TASS news agency, also spoke of exactly how Erdogan's son had a "certain interest" inside the oil industry. Putin has said fat from Syrian territory governed by Islamic State militants is finding its approach to Turkey.

Erdogan has spoken regarding slander and asked anybody making such accusations to back their words with proof.

Peskov said he "noted" in which Turkey's newly-appointed energy minister, Berat Albayrak, seemed to be Erdogan's son-in-law.

He added that there can be up to 200, 000 Turkish people on Russian soil. "What's important is that everyone who can use their influence to make sure at least some predictability inside the pattern of Turkey's actions, " Peskov said. "Russian planes should not be shot down. "

Increased weapons supplies

Rebel fighters aim their weapons as they demonstrate their skills throughout a military display within a graduation ceremony at the camp in eastern al-Ghouta, near Damascus, Syria July 12, 2015. Your newly graduated rebel fighters, who had military training, will join the Free Syrian Army's Al Rahman legion.

Turkey Provides Arms to Rebels in Syria
Turkey Provides Arms to Rebels in Syria
Separately, this Syrian army said about Saturday that Turkey experienced recently increased supplies regarding weapons, ammunition and equipment from what it described as terrorists in Syria.

A statement issued by the Syrian army command alleged that weapons were staying delivered in shipments which Turkey claimed being humanitarian assistance.
The Syrian government describes the many rebel groups fighting President Bashar al-Assad as terrorists.

The statement also said Turkey had fired several mortar bombs towards Syrian armed service positions on Friday evening.
Russia And Turkey Refuse To Back Down In Row Over Jet Downing

Russia And Turkey Refuse To Back Down In Row Over Jet Downing

Russia sent an advanced missile system to Syria on Wednesday to protect its jets operating there and pledged its air force would keep flying missions near Turkish air space, sounding a defiant note after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet.

Underscoring the message, Russian forces launched a heavy bombardment against insurgent-held areas in Latakia on Wednesday, near where the jet was downed, rebels and a monitoring group said.

The United States and Europe both urged calm and continued dialogue in telephone conversations with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, a sign of international concern at the prospect of any escalation between the former Cold War enemies.

The downing of the jet on Tuesday was one of the most serious publicly acknowledged clashes between a NATO member and Russia for half a century, and further complicated international efforts to battle Islamic State militants in Syria.

President Tayyip Erdogan made no apology, saying his nation had simply been defending its own security and the "rights of our brothers in Syria". He made clear Turkish policy would not change.
Russian officials expressed fury over Turkey's action and spoke of retaliatory measures that were likely to include curbing travel by Russian tourists to Turkish resorts and some restrictions on trade.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov described it as a planned act and said it would affect efforts towards a political solution in Syria. Moscow would "seriously reconsider" its relations with Ankara, he said.

Tensions Rise As Russia Deploys Anti-Aircraft Missiles To Syria

Tensions Rise As Russia Deploys Anti-Aircraft Missiles To Syria

Russian Warplane Shot down by turkey
Russian Warplane Shot down by turkey
Tensions at the Middle East ratcheted up perilously Wednesday, a day after Turkey shot down the Russian warplane, with the Turkish Leader accusing Russia of deceit and Russia announcing it could deploy anti-aircraft missiles to help Syria.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu claimed on his ministry's Twitter feed that the country would deploy S-400 protection missile systems to it is Hmeymim air base next to Latakia, on Syria's Mediterranean and beyond coast.

The missiles have an array of 250 kilometers (155 miles), using the missilethreat. com website. The Turkish border is less than 30 miles away.

As well as Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov instructed Russian TV on Thursday that Russia has "serious doubts" that Turkey's downing of it is warplane Tuesday was "an unpremeditated react. "

"It looks just like a planned provocation, inches Lavrov said.

Turkish Leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan condemned what he said ended up being the violation of airspace by Russian warplanes, calling the particular incident an infringement regarding his country's sovereignty.

Story highlights
  • Turkey releases tape: "You are approaching Turkish airspace. Change your heading south immediately"
  • Rescued Russian co-pilot says "there were no warnings" before his plane was shot down
  • Russia's foreign minister says the plane's downing "looks very much like a planned provocation"

He charged Russia with propping up the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad -- the regime he said was inflicting terrorism by itself people. His remarks came a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Turkey to be "the terrorists' accomplices" pertaining to shooting down a jet he claimed was by using an anti-terrorism mission.

Erdogan disputed that claim in his speech.

"There is no Daesh" in your neighborhood where the Russian air carriers were flying, Erdogan claimed, using another name pertaining to ISIS. "Do not con us! We know the particular locations of Daesh. inches.
Turkey Shot Down Russian Plane

Turkey Shot Down Russian Plane

The apparent downing of an Russian fighter jet by Turkey – which Ankara promises was violating its airspace, despite ten warnings – is definitely an exceptionally dangerous moment in Syria’s four-year civil war.

But, in the context regarding warming diplomatic relations with Moscow plus the extraordinary risks of escalation, Turkey’s Western allies are generally likelier to proceed with extreme care.
A crisis like this was almost inevitable. Turkey had complained of repeated airspace infractions by Russian aircraft in early October, prompting Nato to issue a protest. Later on that month, Turkey would indeed shoot down what, for one heart-stopping time; seemed to have already been a Russian fighter aircraft – but ended up to have been the probable Russian drone.

With Russia, Syrian, American, This particular language, British, Canadian, and Arab aircraft filling Syria’s packed skies, Russian aircraft returning with 500 feet regarding American planes, and Russia repeating most of its border-probing behavior seen over the last year or two in Europe, a crisis was always prone to erupt. The US and Russia had agreed protection protocols in late April, including a ground communication line for round-the-clock speak to, but this wouldn’t have put on Russia-Turkey interactions.

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet
Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet
It is important to keep a feeling of perspective. This would not be initially that Russian aircraft are actually shot down by American-made airplanes, or vice versa, without sparking Word War 3.
Pakistan’s American-made F-16s picture down a slew of Soviet aircraft inside the late 1980s, during this latter’s war in Afghanistan. Returning further, a US Affiliate marketer RU-8 Seminole flying via Turkey was downed above Armenia, then Soviet terrain. The most famous incident is certainly the downing of CIA preliminary Gary Powers’ U2 criminal plane in 1962. Soviet pilots also played an important covert role during this Korean War between 1950 and 1953, with Russian sources claiming them to shot down 1, 100 to at least one, 300 American aircraft.

On the other hand, this is the first time since the end from the Cold War that the Nato member has downed the Russian warplane.

Although Turkey will insist that it was within its protection under the law to shoot down the plane in its airspace, following the past month’s repeated occurrences, its alliance partners in Nato will need to focus on de-escalation. Relations between West and Russia had thawed slightly, though it might be premature to speak of an rapprochement.

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet
Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet
In the aftermath from the Paris attacks, French President Francois Hollande announced his intention to meet up with Russian President Vladimir Putin with all the intention of forming “one massive coalition”. US President Barack Obama achieved with Putin himself with noticeably warmer body language, and the UN Safety Council has passed a resolution sanctioning “all necessary means” to eradicate Isil (though, lacking in so-called Chapter VII guru, this was largely the political gesture).
Talks in Vienna have also resulted in modest progress towards a peace deal for Syria. While Nato will definitely release another note of protest in the apparent intrusion into Turkish airspace, Turkey’s Western allies will be wary of jeopardizing what they see as these types of diplomatic gains by pressuring Paris too strongly.

What can Russia do now? Like any leader, Mr Putin will be under pressure to act in response. But it is achievable that Moscow’s adamant claim that its aircraft was in Syrian airspace – despite Turkey’s statement on the contrary, and supporting evidence from radar – enables a face-saving compromise, whereby Putin directs their ire at Syrian rebels as opposed to towards Turkey. The Kremlin mouthpiece Paris Today has likewise insisted that this jet was brought down from your ground. Paradoxically, this might have a calming effect.

Much will definitely depend on the luck of Russia’s two pilots, one of whom was reported to be in Turkmen hands while yet another other, according to images circulated on social media, appears to have passed away.

Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplanes
Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplanes
Turkey’s government has in close proximity ties to Turkmen towns and rebels in north Syria – only yesterday Ankara had requested a UN Security Council meeting to go over escalating Russian and Syrian attacks on Syrian Turkmen – and could, perhaps, use this longstanding power to secure the release from the pilots or their figures.

On the other hand, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan may ask why he should lend such help a country that is constantly on the probe his airspace with impunity, merely to shield the Syrian diplomatic process that they, one of Assad’s bitterest opposing team, views with skepticism.
Moscow and Ankara will likely avoid a spiral into conflict over this event. But the underlying cause will stay, and such episodes can repeat themselves unless Paris realizes that brinksmanship on Nato’s borders is really a reckless, dangerous game.

The center East is bringing this world’s Great Powers in closest proximity since Kosovo Battle in 1999, and in a very dangerous way. The Syrian war is not only generating vast refugee moves and incubating the world’s most potent terrorist group; it can be a cockpit of traditional state-on-state international rivalries.

Russian Air Strikes 'Killed Over 400 Syrian Civilians'

Russian Air Strikes 'Killed Over 400 Syrian Civilians'

Russian air strikes in Syria have killed over 400 civilians since September this year, monitoring groups say.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said the death toll from September 30 - when the strikes were launched - until November 20 stood at 403 civilians, a figure that includes 97 children.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR), another monitoring group, said at least 526 were killed, including 137 children, since Russia launched its first air strikes.

Russia's air force flew 141 sorties and hit 472 targets in Syria over the weekend, the RIA news agency quoted the country's defence ministry as saying on Monday.

Russian jets hit targets in Aleppo, Damascus, Idlib, Latakia, Hama, Raqqa, Homs, and Deir Az Zor provinces, the ministry said.

Russian Airstrikes Kill Many Civilians
Russian Airstrikes Kill Many Civilians
On Sunday, Syrian government air strikes killed at least seven people, including three children, in Douma just outside of the capital Damascus, SOHR said.

It said at least seven civilians were killed on Saturday in government air strikes in Aleppo.

On Friday, Russia fired cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea for a fourth day against what it described as ISIL targets.

Russian and Syrian officials said their jets hit 50 ISIL targets in Deir Az Zor province, the most intense air raids since Russia began its air strikes.

Since last October, at least 42,234 air strikes that targeted farms, villages, towns and cities have been documented, according to SOHR.

It said over 22,370 so-called barrel bombs were dropped across the country in that period resulting in a total of 6,889 civilians deaths, including 1,436 children.

Another 35,000 civilians have been injured.

At least 100,000 people fled from Aleppo due to Russian air strikes, SNHR said, while another 1,000 fled a camp for the displaced in Atma, in Idlib city's suburbs.

Russia says the goal of its military operation in Syria is in response to a request by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and on the basis of a decision granted by its parliament.
The Syrian conflict has killed at least 250,000 people, according to the UN, and more than half of Syria's prewar population of 22.4 million has been internally displaced or have fled abroad.

Assad said what is happening in Syria was not a civil war but a war, he told Phoenix, a Chinese television channel.

You can say this is a civil war when you have a certain line that divides between different components of a certain society, whether sectarian or ethnic or maybe political line, something that we don't have in Syria," he said on Sunday.

"Civil war has internal factors, not states supporting terrorists who come to Syria while they announce publicly that their aim is to change the state or, like what they call it, the regime."

Assad also said that following the Russian intervention, the situation in Syria had improved in a "very good way".

Credits and Source: Al Jazeera

World War 3 Predictions By Nostradamus

World War 3 Predictions By Nostradamus

nostradamus predictions world war 3
World War 3 Predictions of Nostradamus
Nostradamus has gotten credit for foreseeing numerous things, from the 9/11 assaults to Margaret Thatcher to the Second World War Presently, a site called appears to have stuck another forecast about the prophecies of nostradamus. The site says of the quatrain: "An astonishing quatrain about Iraq's experience and oppression in the continuous partisan brutality, especially on the outcome of the 2003 US intrusion, the surging of Al-qaeda prompting the association of ISIS."

"ISIS' target is Mesopotamia, present day Iraq. ISIS is additionally the most well off terrorist association on the planet, because of its various givers."

“ISIS flag and uniform, black! their combat method infamous and Islamic Sharia law – tyrannical.”
The main sentence of the quatrain obviously expresses that He or It will enter Mesopotamia (in second sentence), present day Iraq. That He will be lowlife, mean and notorious, and will tyrannize Iraq. The third sentence tells that they are all made companions as a consequence of the two-faced woman, the image of the buyer society, the principle of cash with the majority of its shrewdness. Nostradamus spelled the last expression of the sentence with a two sided connotation; "d'ame" which signify "from soul", yet phonetically likewise "lady" which signify "woman" and thusly could be deciphered as the two-faced woman from the book of Revelation in the Bible. Deliberately done by Nostradamus as the present circumstances occurring in Iraq are leaded by a ultra-fundamentalist understanding of the Islamic Koran dismissing our cutting edge society of revelry and resistance.

Taking after the US attack and control of Iraq, the Sunnis then in control under Saddam, were compelled to give up all for the Shiite bolstered by the US and at last Iran, the most outstanding adversary of the US. What an incongruity. In different hands, the Sunnis and ISIS have been bolstered fiscally by Saudi Arabia, our best partner in the Middle East. Presently, if that is not infidelity then we have to imagine another word for it.

The reason: In 2003, a month or somewhere in the vicinity after the topple of Saddam Hussein by the US coalition, the US designated Paul Bremer as the legislative leader of Iraq and promptly fired the occupation of well over a million Iraqis accountable for the military, police and organization; for the most part Sunnis, along these lines making an enormous vacuum, an aggregate confusion and a moment call for resistance and insubordination. What took after was the fiasco we know, coming about in the course of the most recent 10 years in the lost of several thousand Iraqi lives including a huge number of troopers from the coalition constrains, the circumstance was in the long run controlled around a gigantic pour of money $to the Sunnis tribes and different types of defilement all together not to bolster the revolt.

The US organization continued to support a Shiite leaded Iraqi government which thus slice the financing to the Sunnis and did not permitted them to take a huge part in the new government.

Presently since the pull back of US powers on the ground, the agitators are taking the open door. One could say that Saddam's administration, if terrible, was certainly better for the security and peace of the Iraqis. This is a pitiful finish of occasions, very much foreseen by most World pioneers in 2003 and the central reason for the present circumstance in Iraq.

The last sentence close; the area shocking, unnerved, load with awfulness and dark in physiognomy, face or angle. this portray entirely well the dark ISIS banner and dressing together with their dull rule of dread. The primary expression of this sentence "Tertre," if alluding to arrive, additionally implies a butte or even an entombment site made out of stones, well delineating the landscape.

Conclusion: The US has a sorry control in determining the circumstance and any mediation might just draw out the difficulty and further estrange the Iraqis and the Muslim World against the US. It is entirely up to the Iraqis themselves, however the Iranian and Saudi obstruction won't permit it to be determined at any point in the near future and, when fundamentalist Muslims achieve force, be careful with the amazing threat that the West will confront as the Iraqi mortification will be likely retaliated for as declared in different Nostradamus quatrain.
Artificial Skin Could Give People with Prosthetics a Sense of Touch

Artificial Skin Could Give People with Prosthetics a Sense of Touch

Artificial Skin could give people sense of touch
Artificial Skin gives people sense of touch
Man-made skin created in the lab can "feel" like the way a fingertip smells pressure, and could some day let people feel sensation of their prosthetic limbs, scientists say.

The researchers had the ability to send the touching sensation being an electric pulse to the relevant "touch" human brain cells in these rodents, the researchers noted of their new study.

The stretchy, flexible skin consists of a synthetic rubber which has been designed, to have micron-scale pyramid like structures which make it especially sensitive in order to pressure, sort of like mini central mattress springs. The scientists spread the pressure-sensitive plastic with carbon nanotubes— microscopic cylinders of carbon which might be highly conductive in order to electricity — in order that, when the stuff was touched, a few pulses is generated on the sensor.

The series of pulses is then provided for brain cells in a manner that resembles how feel receptors in man skin send sensations to the brain. "We had the ability to create [a system] nearly the same as biological mechanical receptors, inch said Benjamin 1st tee, lead author on the paper and a scientist with the Agency for Research, Technology and Analysis in Singapore. [Bionic People: Top 10 Technologies]

Artificial Skin Layers
Artificial Skin Layers
To find out whether the skin could create energy pulses that human brain cells could answer, the scientists connected the synthetic skin to a circuit connected to a blue LED mild. When the skin was touched, the sensor routed electric pulses to the LED which pulsed with response. The sensors converted that pressure pulse into a stainless steel pulses. When the sensors inside skin sent your electrical pulse to the LED — akin to touch receptors with real-life skin sending touch-sensation signals to the brain — any blue light exhibited. The higher your pressure, the more quickly the LED exhibited.

Scientists added channelrhodopsin, a unique protein that reasons brain cells to respond to blue light, to the mouse brain cellular material. The channelrhodopsin let the LED light behave like receptor cells inside skin. When the mild flashed it sent an indication to the brain cells that the artificial skin ended up touched.

The experiment showed that, if the artificial skin had been touched, the brain cellular material would react just as as brains respond to real skin becoming touched, the researchers said inside study, published April. 16 in your journal Science.

Using light in order to stimulate brain cells is usually a fairly recent subject of study called optogenetics, in which researchers add special protein to brain cellular material that let them respond to light and indicates scientists how various areas of the brain perform. The advantage of using optogenetics over other technologies that directly stimulate neurons, for instance electrodes directly attached with brain tissue, is that higher frequencies can be utilized, Lee said. Creating a technology that may stimulate the cellular material at higher frequencies is vital because it far more accurately recreates the way in which that receptor cellular material send signals to the brains.

Artificial Skin Gives People Sense of Touch
Artificial Skin Gives People Sense of Touch
The testing remains to be in the earlier phases, and your skin hasn't been tried with human neurons.

"We actually would connect [the sensors] to a robotic hand and also a computer, " 1st tee said, adding that they had the ability to record the heart beat spikes. However, these experiments were being designed primarily to prove that the technology was able to send a signal that is certainly registered by exactly the same robotics technologies utilised in advanced prosthetic technology, Tee told Reside Science.

"The natural next step would be to test [the skin] with higher primates, inch Tee said. "The eventual goal is to own skin stimulate real human brains.