World War 3 is Imminent

World War 3
World War 3 is Inevitable
The world is in for a new era. People who think that the world won’t change are just people who ignore or do not like any change. All the recent events that have been happening in the eve of everyday is making things pretty difficult for everyone across the globe. The tensions between super powers like Russia and USA are makings things worse right now. The very true reason that these two super powers are colliding with each other are pretty clear to all of us. They are just taking this proxy war to another level.
Russia has been trying to prove that they have a pretty strong military and want to make sure that they are here to rule. And in the other hand the US is trying to act just in the opposite interest of Russia. It is all about the interests of these two countries that have been taking tolls in Syria. In the end it is the Syrian public that are suffering. There has not been a single sign of relief in this are till now.
Russia and the USA have vowed to eliminate terrorism in this area by joining forces, but what they have been doing is just the opposite. The Russian want the Syrian President Bashar-Al-Assad to retain his rule. But then the US wants him destroyed and they will do anything to do just that. The Russians have been providing an ample air support for the Syrian troops under their president Assad. But then the US replied to this by providing and air drop of 50 Tons of ammunition for the rebels in the area. The US Accused the Russians of bombing the CIA trained Rebels. And this has led to serious tensions in this area.
The exact situation in Syria Right Now is that Russia and US have been vowing to beat terrorism in Syria, but then all they are doing is to fight each other. This might in fact spark the start for the world war III. If that happens then this might mark the end of a race.
Both the Russians and the US are facing their tough times as their economy has been breaking down and falling down all too fast. This calls for more gritty decisions.
The Syrian Air Space is already flooded with the US, Russian, and NATO forces. This is also not good as there could be a collision that could spark more tensions between these nations. Earlier this week a drone was actually shot down while entering turkey air space. The prime Minister of turkey has vowed to shoot down Russian planes if they violate the air space. This threat might be obsolete. But if there happens to be another incident such as this, then the Turks will have no other choice other than to step into this war. And together they will bring in the Britain forces as well. This will mean that the whole of the west will enter war against china and Russia.
China has been assembling their naval forces in the coast of the Syrian borders. This has alarmed the USA who has also sent warships to patrol the china naval bases. Now the question that remains is when.
These are all the activities that have been happening this past week.
All the experts believe at what Putin said earlier this year. “World War III is inevitable.”
Syria Start of world war 3
Syria : Start Of World War III
Some people actually think that world war III is just seconds away.
Obama running in his last year of reign wants to end his year at the white house with a good note. He is actually acting more like a puppet to the administration and the pentagon. The pentagon is already getting the stage set for a world war III. Obama had told the citizens of America that he will end the war in the Middle East. But now Obama will have to retort to other ways. Now this could turn out to be messy.
In the other hand in Russia, Mr. Putin has been having a pretty difficult time as well. They have actually bankrupted themselves. They have just used the last of the budget in the kremlin. They have spent everything in to their advancing military. Now they have nothing that could help them in the falling economy. All that is left is this war.
The ammunition provided by the US has given the rebels the upper hand again. And they have already penetrated very deep now. They might even penetrate the Russian base in Syria. This could mean that the Russians will retort with much aggression.
If these tensions keep continuing, that is when war becomes inevitable. Once the war starts controlling these nations, there is going to be many nukes. With the introduction of nukes in the age, there is going to be many deaths and destruction. And that is something no one would want.
And the real terrorists that we know are sitting out this whole war watching us destroy each other. Maybe this is what they wanted.

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