Will World War 3 be started by Obama

Why has Barack Obama airdropped 50 tons of ammo into territories that "direct rebels" in Syria apparently control?

US Air Drop Ammunition
US Air Drops Ammunition

This is basically what might as well be called jabbing the Russians specifically in the eyes. Quite a bit of this ammo will wind up in the hands of those that the Russians are endeavoring to bomb into blankness, thus to Russia it gives the idea that we are endeavoring to make their occupation much harder. Also, obviously actually there aren't generally any "moderate revolutionaries" in Syria by any stretch of the imagination. Almost the greater part of the gatherings that are battling are made up basically of radical jihadists and/or contracted hired soldiers. By and by, I don't see anybody over yonder that you could call "the great fellows". By the day's end, the U.S. backings pretty much anybody that needs to dispose of the Assad administration, and the Russians are working hard to keep Assad in force. Much the same as the common war in Ukraine, the contention in Syria is in awesome threat of being changed into an intermediary war between the United States and Russia, and numerous trepidation that these contentions could in the end be setting the stage for World War III.
The savagery of Russian airstrikes in Syria has astounded eyewitnesses everywhere throughout the planet, and over the recent days these airstrikes have been stretched out to incorporate some new ranges…
Russian Air Forces have amplified the scope of their airstrikes on Islamic State positions in Syria to four regions, concentrating principally on obliterating sustained establishments and taking out supply bases and the terrorists' base.
In the course of the most recent 24 hours Russian air ship have assaulted terrorist positions in the Hama, Idlib, Latakia and Raqqa areas of Syria. Altogether, 64 forays focused on 63 Islamic State establishments, among them 53 strengthened zones, 7 arms terminals, 4 preparing camps and an order post.
When I read reports like this, I am profoundly agitated. The Obama organization guarantees that it has been bombarding ISIS positions in Syria for over a year. So why on the planet do these objectives still exist?
Was the U.S. military unequipped for discovering these establishments?
That doesn't appear to be likely.
So why weren't they obliterated long prior?
Did the Obama organization not need them obliterated for reasons unknown?
What appears to be inexhaustibly clear is that the Russians are doing what the Obama organization was either unwilling or not able to do. There is presently mass frenzy among ISIS warriors, and a huge number of them are escaping the nation…

An expected 3,000 Islamic State warriors and in addition activists from other radical gatherings have fled Syria for Jordan dreading a reestablished hostile by the Syrian armed force notwithstanding Russian airstrikes, a military authority has told RIA news office.
"No less than 3,000 activists from Islamic State (IS, some time ago ISIS/ISIL), al-Nusra and Jaish al-Yarmouk have fled to Jordan. They fear the Syrian armed force having ventured up exercises on all fronts and of Russian airstrikes," the RIA source said.
The standard media in the United States is not speaking much about this, would they say they are?
In any case, the U.S. media is giving an account of this most recent airdrop of ammo to revolt bunches in Syria. For instance, the accompanying originates from CNN…
U.S. military payload planes gave 50 tons of ammo to revolt assembles overnight in northern Syria, utilizing an air drop of 112 beds as the initial phase in the Obama Administration's critical push to discover better approaches to bolster those gatherings.
Subtle elements of the air mission over Syria were affirmed by a U.S. authority not approved to talk openly on the grounds that the points of interest have not yet been formally reported.
C-17s, joined by warrior escort air ship, dropped little arms ammo and different things like hand explosives in Hasakah territory in northern Syria to a coalition of agitators gatherings confirmed by the US, known as the Syrian Arab Coalition.
In the event that you were the Russians, how might you feel about this?
I know how I would feel.
What's more, pretty much as Joe Biden has already conceded, the "moderate center" in Syria essentially does not exist. The accompanying is a broadened selection from a piece that was initially composed by investigative writer Nafeez Ahmed…
The main Russian airstrikes hit the radical held town of Talbisah north of Homs City, home to al-Qaeda's official Syrian arm, Jabhat al-Nusra, and the genius al-Qaeda Ahrar al-Sham, among other nearby revolt bunches. Both al-Nusra and the Islamic State have guaranteed obligation regarding vehicle-borne IEDs (VBIEDs) in Homs City, which is 12 kilometers south of Talbisah.
The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reports that as a component of "US and Turkish endeavors to build up an ISIS 'free zone' in the northern Aleppo field," al-Nusra "pulled back from the fringe and purportedly strengthened positions in this radical held pocket north of Homs city".
As such, the US and Turkey are effectively supporting "moderate" Syrian rebels as al-Qaeda, which Washington DC-based danger examination firm Valen Globals conjectures will be "a greater risk to worldwide security" than IS in coming years.

Last October, Vice President Joe Biden surrendered that there is "no moderate center" among the Syrian restriction. Turkey and the Gulf forces outfitted and subsidized "any individual who might battle against Assad," including "al-Nusra," "al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI)," and the "fanatic components of jihadis who were originating from different parts of the world".
As it were, the CIA-sponsored renegades focused by Russia are not directs. They speak to the same mixture of al-Qaeda subsidiary systems that generated the Islamic State in any case.
It has been all around reported that a hefty portion of these purported "moderate revolutionary gatherings" in Syria have battled close by ISIS and have sold weapons to them. So this false dichotomy that Barack Obama continues attempting to offer us on is only a titan extortion. The accompanying originates from a late Infowars report…
In September, 2014 a leader with the FSA conceded collaborating with ISIS and the al-Nusra Front.
"We are working together with the Islamic State and the Nusra Front by assaulting the Syrian Army's social affairs in … Qalamoun,"Bassel Idriss said. "Let's face honest: Nusra Front is the greatest force present at this time in Qalamoun and we as FSA would team up on any mission they dispatch the length of it harmonizes with our qualities."
In July of 2014 a report in Stars and Stripes archived how the 1,000 solid Dawud Brigade, which had beforehand battled close by the FSA against al-Assad, had abandoned completely to join ISIS.
That month groups inside of the FSA — including Ahl Al Athar and Ibin al-Qa'im — swore administrations to the Islamic State.
Individuals from the Islamic State case to coordinate with the FSA and purchase weapons gave by the U.S.
"We are purchasing weapons from the FSA. We purchased 200 hostile to airplane rockets and Koncourse against tank weapons," ISIS memberAbu Atheer told al-Jazeera. "We have great relations with our siblings in the FSA. For us, the unbelievers are the individuals who coordinate with the West to battle Islam."
U.S. hostile to tank weapons are assuming a basic part in the Syrian struggle. As reported by the Washington Post, U.S.- made against tank rockets are being utilized by the dissidents to annihilate heaps of Russian-made tanks that are being utilized by the Syrian armed force…
So fruitful have they been in driving dissident additions in northwestern Syria that revolts call the rocket the "Assad Tamer," a play on the word Assad, which implies lion. What's more, as of late they have been utilized with awesome accomplishment to moderate the Russian-sponsored hostile went for recovering ground from the dissidents.

Since Wednesday, when Syrian troops propelled their first hostile upheld by the may of Russia's military, many recordings have been posted on YouTube demonstrating agitators terminating the U.S.- made rockets at Russian-made tanks and heavily clad vehicles fitting in with the Syrian armed force. Showing up as spinning chunks of light, they crisscross over the Syrian wide open until they discover and impact their objective in a bundle of fire.
Like I said before, this is looking more like an intermediary war between the United States and Russia.
Could that be what Obama really needs?
Obama is jabbing China in the eyes of late as well. CNN is reporting that U.S. warships might soon be cruising into regional waters around the Spratly Islands. These are islands that the Chinese government claims responsibility for, the U.S. government question that claim, and Obama appears to be resolved to flex his muscles in the territory…
The United States (US) might soon convey war boats close to China's fake islands in the South China Sea.
It needs to communicate something specific that it doesn't perceive China's regional cases over the range.
Obama Air Drops Arms For Syria
Obama Air Drops Arms For Rebels in Syria

This is as indicated by a Financial Times report citing a senior U.S. official who said its boats will cruise inside of 12-nautical-mile zones that China claims as its region around the Spratly Islands inside of the following two weeks.
In the event that Obama sends warships into that zone, there is a quite undeniable chance that they could get shot at. As indicated by Newsweek, the Chinese are stating that they won't allow U.S. boats to damage those regional waters under any circumstances…
"We will never permit any nation to abuse China's regional waters and airspace in the Spratly Islands, for the sake of ensuring flexibility of route and overflight," Foreign Ministry representative Hua Chunying said in light of an inquiry regarding conceivable U.S. watches. "We encourage the related gatherings not to take any provocative moves, and really take a dependable position on local peace and security."
Such trades have all the earmarks of being moving China and the U.S. toward a highly dreaded, yet since quite a while ago expected, military meeting.
Over the recent years our relations with China have truly gone downhill quickly, and if the exchanging relationship between the two biggest economies on the planet separates, that would have enormous ramifications for the whole worldwide economy.
Notwithstanding everything over, the common war in Ukraine keeps on seething on. The United States supported, prepared, prepared and composed the strengths that fiercely ousted the justly chose government in Ukraine, and after that once those hooligans (which really incorporated some neo-Nazis) took power, the Obama organization quickly remembered them as the real legislature of Ukraine.
 The Russians were completely enraged by this, and they have been giving troopers, hardware and supplies to the agitator amasses that are battling back against this new government. Obviously the Russians deny that they are doing this, however it is exceedingly clear that they are.
The radical gatherings that the Russians have been support have been doing extremely well and have been consistently taking ground, and this is not how the force representatives in D.C. imagined things playing out in Ukraine. So in a frantic endeavor to move the contention's energy, a bill is experiencing Congress that would give "deadly military guide" to the legislature in Kiev. At first the bill would have gave 200 million dollars in deadly guide, yet now it has been increased to 300 million dollars. Some trust that the last figure will be altogether higher.
When this bill gets passed, it will be a critical occasion. For the Russians, it will mean intersection a red line that never ought to have been crossed. Actually Ukraine is Russia's most critical neighbor. Simply envision how we would feel if the Russians overthrew Canada's administration and afterward begin bolstering weapons to the new star Russian government that they introduced. That is precisely how the Russians see our intruding in Ukraine.
Not long ago, I composed an article in which I talked about a conclusion survey that demonstrated that 81 percent of all Russians now see the United States adversely, and just 13 percent of Russians have a positive perspective of this country. Not notwithstanding amid the Cold's stature War were the numbers that terrible.
The stage is being set for World War III, however most Americans are totally and absolutely negligent of the greater part of this in light of the fact that they are so wrapped up in their own particular little universes.
Most Americans still appear to expect that the Russians and the Chinese are our "companions" and that any sort of contention between major worldwide forces is unthinkable.
Indeed, actually struggle has as of now started in Ukraine and Syria, and pressures are ascending with every passing day.
It won't happen one week from now or one month from now, yet we are making a course for World War III.
So what will the final result be? If you don't mind don't hesitate to share your contemplations by posting a remark underneath



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