More Americans Tested for Ebola

More Americans Tested for Ebola

A 30-year-old lady in New Mexico is, no doubt tried for Ebola, as indicated by state authorities. The lady had as of late made a trip to Sierra Leone and touched base at the healing center with sore throat, cerebral pain, muscle throbs and fever.
Potential Ebola patients at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York and an undisclosed doctor's facility in Ohio have all tried negative for Ebola over the past a few weeks. The CDC had sent a wellbeing caution to healing centers the nation over urging them to get some information about their set out history to help recognize potential Ebola cases.

As of Aug. 5, the CDC had tried blood tests for six conceivable Ebola patients in the United States. They were all negative. Authorities Request Exit Screenings at Airports, Seaports the World Health Organization on Monday asked for passageway screenings at universal airplane terminals, seaports and area intersections in all nations influenced by the Ebola outbreak. 

"Anyone known to have been struck with the Ebola virus infection disease ought not to be permitted to travel unless the travel is piece of a fitting therapeutic clearing," WHO said in an announcement. "There ought to be no universal go of Ebola contacts or cases, unless the travel is piece of a fitting restorative clearing."
Ebola side effects incorporate fever, shortcoming, muscle agony and sore throat before they advancement to retching, looseness of the bowels and rash. Some individuals might additionally encounter dying.

The WHO Ebola Emergency Committee exhorted against global travel or exchange limitations at this point.

A 35-year-old Nigerian lady, who may have had Ebola, passed on soon after arriving in Abu Dhabi International Airport, as per the Associated Press. The United Arab Emirates carrier allegedly sterilized the plane, and the lady's spouse and five doctors who attempted to resuscitate her have been isolated until Ebola is discounted. 

Mob Loots Liberian Ebola Center

Mob Loots Liberian Ebola Center

 Early Saturday morning, a horde plundered an Ebola focus in West Point, Liberia, taking debased supplies, bloodstained beddings and sheets, as per the Associated Press. An expected 37 patients fled amid the attack, 20 of whom have returned. The staying 17 patients are even now missing, the AP reported.
"It's paramount to see here that the vast majority of the individuals that went into this holding office came there by their own interests," Government Information Minister Lewis Brown told the AP. "They were coercively uprooted by vandals and raiders, not on account of they needed to leave, so we are certain that they will return."
 WHO called for the assurance of medicinal services specialists today out of appreciation for World Humanitarian Day, noting that laborers have been undermined and badgering in West Africa as a consequence of the Ebola outbreak.
"Specialists, medical caretakers and other wellbeing laborers must be permitted to complete their life-sparing compassionate work free of risk of savagery" Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General of the WHO, said in an announcement.

Ebola Outbreak Worsens With Missing Patients

Ebola Outbreak Worsens With Missing Patients

Ebola Outbreak Worsens With Missing Patients

             The Ebola outbreak keeps on spiralling crazy in the midst of reports of plundering at a Liberian wellbeing focus and the disconnection of an explorer from Sierra Leone here in the U.s.

The infection has killed no less than 1,145 and sickened 982 additionally, as indicated by numbers discharged Friday by the World Health Organization.

 An upgraded outbreak toll is normal soon. The outbreak is as of now the deadliest on record and has hinted at no moderating. Around 42.5 percent of all Ebola passing since the infection was found in 1976 have happened since March 2014, as indicated by WHO information.

Here are nine things you ought to think about the outbreak as apprehensions keep on mounting in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and past. 
Putin tells Obama that most recent approvals against Russia are "Counterproductive"

Putin tells Obama that most recent approvals against Russia are "Counterproductive"

Putin tells Obama that most recent approvals against Russia are "Counterproductive"


President Barack Obama voiced profound concerns in a phone discussion with Russia's Vladimir Putin on Friday about expanded backing for separatists in the eastern part Ukraine as per the info from White House. 

Days after Washington presented the most vigorous endorses against Russia for its part in the Ukraine emergency, Putin told Obama that the measures were "counterproductive". 

"The Russian pioneer portrayed Washington's course of sloping up assents weight as counterproductive, bringing on genuine harm to two-sided relations and global steadiness all in all," the Kremlin articulation said. 

The United States on Friday swore about $8m (£4.75m) in new help to support Ukraine's fringe gatekeeper benefit as the nation battles to counter ace Russian separatist gatherings. 
The US VP, Joe Biden, guaranteed the support in a telephone call with Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko, the White House said in an announcement. The help incorporates building and observation supplies, transport and watch vehicles, and little pontoons. Ties between the United States and Russia have plunged to their most reduced level since the end of the chilly war over the Ukraine emergency, which Washington blames Moscow for fanning with weapons and backing. It was the first discussion between the two pioneers since 17 July, when a Malaysian traveler plane was shot down over eastern Ukraine by what US authorities accept was a rocket propelled by star Russian separatists. 

The White House said in an announcement: "The president repeated his profound worries about Russia's expanded backing for the separatists in Ukraine." 

"The president strengthened his inclination for a conciliatory answer for the emergency in Ukraine." 

The Kremlin articulation said "critical contrasts" stayed between the two pioneers yet that both stressed the criticalness of a "quick and supported truce" in eastern Ukraine. 

The two pioneers consented to keep open their channels of correspondence, the White House said. 

Obama likewise raised his worries about what Washington says was an infringement by Russia of the 1988 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty intended to wipe out ground-propelled voyage rockets.

CWE Games 2014 Results: Indian Gold Medalists

CWE Games 2014 Results: Indian Gold Medalists

Commonwealth Games Glasgow, Scotland 2014 Latest Results: Indian Gold Medalists

Sushil Kumar(GOLD) :  Winner of men's 74kg freestyle Wrestling

Vikas Shive Gowda(GOLD) :  Winner of Men's Discus Throw

Yogeshwar Dutt(GOLD) : Winner Men's Wrestling (65 kg)

Amit Kumar(GOLD) : Winner Men's Wrestling (57 kg)

Babita Kumari(GOLD) : Winner Women's Wrestling (55 kg)

Abhinav Bindra(GOLD) : Winner Men’s shooting (10 M Air Rifle)

Apurvi Chandela(GOLD): Winner Women's Shooting (10 M Air Rifle)

Jitu Rai(GOLD) : Winner Men's Shooting (50 Meter Pistol)

Rahi Sarnobat(GOLD) : Winner Women's Shooting (25 M Pistol)

Sanjita Chanu(GOLD) : Winner Women's Weightlifting (48 kg)

Sathish Kumar(GOLD) : Winner Men's Weightlifting (77 kg)

Sukhen Dey(GOLD) : Winner Men's Weightlifting (56 kg)

Vinesh(GOLD) : Winner Women's Wrestling (48 kg)

MH 17 Shot Down

MH 17 Shot Down

MH 17 Shot Down

          Week after week we hear some of the most heart killing incidents. And one such incident is what has happened to the Malaysian airlines some weeks ago. The Malaysian airlines carrying 283 passengers including 3 infants was shot down from the sky using a surface to Air missile on the 17th of July 2014.

         This has shaken the entire globe and struck fear into the hearts of flight passengers across the globe. There are allegations that this could be the result of a terrorist attack or it can also be the political foreplay. Ukraine and Russia has been pointing fingers on to each other soon after the incident.

Debris Of MH 17
       There are videos showing the crash of the MH 17 onto the ground. And what we found interesting about the video is that there were no fumes or smoke in the sky while the airliner crashed on to the ground. This means that the airliner must have been struck in such a way that the furl cargo was unaffected and at the same time some of its parts might have been damaged bringing its capability of flight to zero. 


                       This condition is impossible if a missile was the reason for the crash of the airliner. The officials have to take a deeper and closer look into the incident. This might not be a terrorist attack. Even if it was a terrorist attack it might have come from the inside and not from a missile.

                 The Search for the crash site of MH 17 has come to an end last week. The local rebels have claimed to have found the black box of flight MH 17. This might hold the information that we are looking for. We cannot be sure of the reason for the explosion unless we know what is there in the black box.
            Officials have pointed out on the rebel activities in this region as the sole reason for this incident. What actually happened to MH 17 will remain a mystery until we find what the black box has to offer us.

Latest News On Malaysian Airlines MH 370

Latest News On Malaysian Airlines MH 370

Latest News On Malaysian Airlines MH 370

It has been roughly a month and a half since the Boeing 777 MH 370 went missing right beneath our nose. The search for the Boeing 777 MH 370 has been going on for quite some time and there has not been any good news so far. The only clue that we have right now is that the MH 370 might have crash landed somewhere over the Indian Ocean.

                The cause for the disappearance of the Malaysian airlines MH 370 is still unknown. Officials still do not rule out the possibility of mechanical problems. Many theories have already started to pour in from across the globe saying that this might be doing of Un-identified objects, or Extra-terrestrial beings. Folks love to hear these things. Search Official D.Martin feels the situation is getting worse day by day.

  US NAVY underwater Drones have been set out on search for the remains of MH 370 if any. Yesterday the search for the remains of the boeing 777 was cut short due to some technical issues with the Drone, which forced the drone to surface without being able to find anything. This is going to be tough times for the US NAVY as the black box from the MH 370 has stopped its pings. So that means we are in for searching that might never be found.

                The officials now fear that the boeing 777 MH 370 may never be found no matter how much effort we put in. Let us pray for all those who boarded this journey.!!!!!