Mob Loots Liberian Ebola Center

 Early Saturday morning, a horde plundered an Ebola focus in West Point, Liberia, taking debased supplies, bloodstained beddings and sheets, as per the Associated Press. An expected 37 patients fled amid the attack, 20 of whom have returned. The staying 17 patients are even now missing, the AP reported.
"It's paramount to see here that the vast majority of the individuals that went into this holding office came there by their own interests," Government Information Minister Lewis Brown told the AP. "They were coercively uprooted by vandals and raiders, not on account of they needed to leave, so we are certain that they will return."
 WHO called for the assurance of medicinal services specialists today out of appreciation for World Humanitarian Day, noting that laborers have been undermined and badgering in West Africa as a consequence of the Ebola outbreak.
"Specialists, medical caretakers and other wellbeing laborers must be permitted to complete their life-sparing compassionate work free of risk of savagery" Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General of the WHO, said in an announcement.

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